4-H Sheep Interclub Competition

Download Beachburg Fair Entry Form

Chairperson – Dave Mackay – (613) 582-7379

1. Judging to commence at 10am Sunday, July 24, 2016.
2. Entries submitted on day of show must be registered by 8am.
3. Open to any 4-H member with projects in Renfrew County in 2016
Novice members are ages 10-11, Junior members are 12-14.
Intermediate members are 15-17, Senior members are 18-21.
4. Sheep must be on the grounds at least one hour prior to judging.
5. All livestock will be verified as the member’s 4-H project according to the information sheet submitted to the Provincial 4-H Coordinator’s office by June 1st, 2016.
6. The 4-H animal must be trained & prepared for show by the 4-H member only.

4-H Class Sheep

Prize Money: To be announced on show day

1. Single market Lamb
2. Single Breeding Ewe Lamb
3. Novice Showmanship
4. Junior Showmanship
5. Intermediate Showmanship
6. Senior Showmanship
7. Championship Sheep Showmanship – Ribbon only

Sheep Specials
8. Pee Wee Showmanship class age 10 and under.
9. Youth Showmanship class 10 and over 4-H members not eligible.