Download Beachburg Fair Entry Form

Chairperson – Kathy Hiderman – (613) 582-3714
Committee –  April Nicholson, Eleanor Wright


1. Exhibits to be placed on Thursday, July 25, 2019  from 2-4pm and 7-9pm
2. Judging will commence at 9am on Friday, July 26, 2019.
3. All exhibits must be the produce of the exhibitor.

4.   The Exhibition Hall will be closed between 4:00 pm and 5 pm on Sunday, July 28, 2019 , No one but committees of the Exhibition hall are permitted in the hall at this time. Entries are to be picked up between the hours of  5 & 6 pm sharp.

Class 28

Plants in Pots

Special Prize Money: Best Potted Plan – $10, Most Points in class – $10
Prize Money – $3, $2.50, $2

1.Spider plant (must be a mature plant with babies)
2. Coleus, any variety, 1 plant
3. Cactus (not a succulent)
4. Begonia
5. Orchid
6. 12”patio planter (must have 3 or more plants)
7 . Impatiens
8 . Geranium in Bloom
9 . Vine, any variety
10. Ivy, any variety
11.  Single House plant, never  flowers, any variety
12. Single House plant in bloom, any variety
13. Hanging basket in bloom
14. Fern, 1 plant

Cut Flowers
Special Prize Money: Best Cut Flower – $10, Most Points in Cut Flowers – $10
Prize Money – $3, $2.50, $2

Please put cut flowers in clear vases so stems are visible.

15.  Miniature Rose, 1 stem
16. Calendula, 3 blooms
17. Cone flower (Echinacea), 3 stems
18. Cosmos, 3 stems

19. Lily, 1 stem (not day lily)
20. Marigolds, under 3 inches, 3 blooms, same cultivar
21. Marigolds, over 2 inches, 3 blooms, same cultivar

22.Petunias, single , 3 stems, same cultivar

23.Hydrangea, 1 stem
24.  Phlox, perennial, 1 stem
25. Rose, any variety, 1 stem
26. Rose, floated in suitable container (no leaves)
27. Snapdragons, 3 stems
28. Bee Balm, 3 stems, same cultivar
29. Hosta, 3 leaves, same cultivar
30. Shasta Daisy, 3 stems

31. Gladiolus, 1 spike
32. Any other  garden perennial, 1 spike/stem/spray/bloom-named
33. Any other flower not listed- on 3 stems named

34.Foliage of a  shrub, 3 stems, (no coleus, never blooms, and not bigger than 18″, same cultivar)


Decorative Arrangements
Special Prize Money: Best Arrangement – $10, Most Points in Class 70 – $10
Prize Money – $4, $3, $2

1.Wild in the Country – a wayside arrangement using fresh roadside flowers foliage etc.

2.Running Club- arrangement in a running shoe

3.Bright Ideas- an arrangement using one or more light bulbs.

4.Short and sweet- arrangement in a shot glass.

5.Casino Fun- arrangement using game pieces {dice, playing cards, etc.}.

6. Photography and flowers-arrangement using a photograph and flowers.

7. Wooden it be nice-arrangement using flowers and weathered board or drift wood.

8.Beauty in a mirror- arrangement using flowers and a mirror.

9.Woodland magic-using moss, fern, fungus, mushrooms, etc.

10.Very Berry- may include fresh flowers, vines and berries.

11.Celebration- a table center piece with candles.

12. Spin the Bottle – arrangement in a bottle.
13. Master Chef- arrangement using a kitchen utensil.

14.It’s a small world-design under 3 inches.

15. A double double- arrangement in a coffee mug.

16. Rock Garden – not to exceed 15 inches, must include stones.

Most Points Overall Flowers – $20

Class 29A

Primary Flower Arrangements – 5 to 7 years old
Prize Money:1st-$3, 2nd-$2.50, 3rd-$2
1. Toy talk- arrangement in a toy.

2.Baa-Oink-Moo- using your own interpretation, accessories allowed

3. Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road- a bunch of roadside flowers displayed in a recycled container.

4. Under the Sea- arrangement of blue and white flowers, accessories and other plant material accepted.

Best arrangement – $5

Class 29B

Junior Flower Arrangements – 8 to 12 years old
Prize Money:1st-$3, 2nd-$2.50, 3rd-$2
1. Special Day- a creative design to interpret a special occasion, e.g. Birthday, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc. appropriate accents accepted.

.2. Teachers Pet- arrangement for the teacher.

3.Fire Works- arrangement of brilliantly colored flowers.

4. Soups On- arrangement using a soup can, fresh flowers and greenery, (soup can must have label attached and visible).

Best arrangement – $5